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  • Shanlin District public Health Center, Kaohsiung City


    The hygiene administrative work of our home town was since the Japanese colonize period. The health secretary was set up in the civil division of Hsiang Administration office after Taiwan recovers, and establishes the health center in September of 1950. Adjourn the location to No. 37, 24 lane, Shanxian Road, Shangping small village, at our home town. The National Health Administration of executive Yuan allocated funds to rebuild the new office in 1981, and presented two health clinics in Yuemei, and Muzi village. 
    In recent years, national economy has grown up rapidly. National income and material life level improve by a wide margin and the demand for the health care increases day by day, impelling our institute with the challenge in the comprehensive working projects of health care or the administrative business of medical matters. 
    Because of medical resource in the home town being scarce, so in 1987 we start the medical operation centre of the colony, in order for the people seeks medical advice more conveniently. During the period the directors and concurrently doctors of our institute were, Dr. Li XiuQing, Dr. Huang ZhongXin, Dr. Zhou DaYa, Dr. Li ChongDe, and Dr. Kao WenYao. The incumbent director is Dr. Kuo JiaQi. The colleagues of our institute were motivated by a desire to serve the people and look out on the health of all villager. Because the demands for the health care of people are increasing, making the needs to develop a more diversified hygiene health services even more. Establishing the health center and add colony's medical treatment can offer an omni-directional service to the people even more.